EPA Network One Stop Grant Program

Program Narrative FY 2002



(The Tribe) is seeking funding for one year from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Environmental Information, for a Network One Stop Program grant. The ultimate objective of participation in the National Environmental Information Exchange Network (the “Network”) is to comply with the EPA’s Facility Identification data standards and protocols to reduce reporting burdens by enhancing both electronic reporting capabilities and public access to the Tribe’s environmental performance data.

We are a federally recognized Tribe that is striving for sound environmental education and data with regards to our Tribal lands. In accordance with the goals and objectives of the EPA’s environmental data access and integration strategy, we are proposing a project that will strengthen the effectiveness of our environmental program, providing a comprehensive effort supportive of community ecological and social progress, as well as increasing our ability to manage newly generated environmental data in a manner compatible with the Network and aligned with the EPA’s proposed Central Data Exchange (CDX) data flows.

This latter effort is particularly relevant in light of “9/11,” and continued warnings from the federal government of possible threats to information technologies by terrorists and other groups who would perpetrate destruction of useful and modern IT protocols on the North American continent.

In addition, we believe that the development of a Tribal website – involving not only the Environmental Department, but also Tribal departments such as Housing, Tribal Police, Education and Social Services — will not only provide good information to Tribal members, Tribal staff, Rancheria residents with computer access, and the greater community, but will enhance communications and general well-being among everyone involved.

Basic Information About the Tribe/Organization

(The Tribe) is located in ( .) At present, we have a resident population of approximately 250 individuals, with a total enrolled membership of 55. Over 75 percent of Rancheria households are below the poverty limit, which is $18,400 per year for a family of four. Most residents are of mixed Native American and Hispanic or other minority descent (a Community Composition Analysis has been provided in the Appendix.) Our Tribal homeland was established on 200 acres of land purchased for the Tribe by missionaries in 1908.

We are federally recognized as a Tribe by the U.S. Department of the Interior, and are governed by a Tribal Executive Committee consisting of Tribal Chairman ( ), Vice-Chairman( ), and Secretary-Treasurer ( ). We currently operate under Articles of Association that were approved by the Commissioner of Indian Affairs on July 21, 1967. A copy of the Articles of Association has been provided in the Appendix. The Executive Committee oversees the (Tribal Council) and the day-to-day administration of the Tribal Community Center Office Complex. The organizational structure of the Tribe has been presented in Figure 1. We currently have successful programs in Environmental Protection, Education, Housing, Finance, Social Services, Forestry, Tribal Police and other areas, using modern management and productivity procedures and tools for the implementation of federal and State-sponsored programs and grants.

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