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EPA Network One Stop Grant Program

Program Narrative FY 2002 I. PROGRAM GOALS AND AVAILABLE RESOURCES Purpose (The Tribe) is seeking funding for one year from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Environmental Information, for a Network One Stop Program grant. The ultimate objective of participation in the National Environmental Information Exchange Network (the “Network”) is to comply with the […]

The Women’s Foundation of California – Road to Equity Tour 2005

Application Part 1: Narrative 1. Brief description of your organization _____________________ is located in __________________ on __________________ two miles west of the town of _________________. There are approximately 55 Tribal members; 250 residents and their families reside on the 200-acre Rancheria, most of Native American or other minority descent. The Tribe is federally recognized by […]

Fit Fridays

“FREE” Bootcamp Class at the Capitol Are you ready for a fun, new way to burn calories and fat? Want a healthy jump-start to your weekend where you can get in a workout and learn something about health and fitness to boot? How about a Weekly class that starts right after work, conveniently located right […]

Simple, Beautiful Clary Sage

When friends drop by in summer, they always stop at the gate to see the clary sage that graces the border of the herb garden. Its impressive, heart-shaped, velvety leaves fan out as big as a hand and are pungently fragrant. By August, tiny blossoms and showy pastel bracts nod on tall, square stems, attracting […]

Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate

Not long ago, a friend stopped by bearing gifts of flowers and herbs — lavender and rosemary tied in bundles, marguerite daisies and bunches of four o’clocks that she’d picked along the way to my house. But the flower that captivated me was a sweet, rose-colored thing, an unusual blossom called kiss-me-over-the-garden-gate. Kiss-me-over-the-garden-gate (Polygonum orientale) […]