About Me

I have been a professional writer since 1989. My passion is helping others express themselves eloquently, authentically, and clearly. I have a wealth of experience in grant research and writing, business and personal writing, articles, blogs, web content, copy editing and more.

For more than twenty years, I’ve written and published informative, inspirational, and effective content for businesses, individuals, and nonprofits alike. With quick turn-around times and strict attention to detail, I’ve become the go-to person for high-quality written content.

I’ve worked with the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of the Interior, and local and state government agencies on behalf of tribal government and have been a peer reviewer for environmental and other grant proposals. Other accomplishments include publishing several feature articles and weekly columns in Flower and Garden magazine, Examiner.com, and The Mendocino County Observer.

In 2010, after spending years in a very small town raising my family, I finally made the move to the “big city,” earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership from Thomas Edison State College in New Jersey, and became a full-time professional writer.

I’ve built a life helping businesses increase profits by reaching out to their clients in a clear and professional way. I’ve helped students reach their educational goals and I’ve written grants that funded exceptional projects. I hope you’ll take a look at my services and see what I can do to help you!